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Frisson Wines Harvest 2014 Newsletter                                                            Napa Valley, USA

Quakes and Grapes


Wow, did we have a wild weekend recently!  Talk about a Frisson!


Blessedly, we had neither damage nor loss of wine, but as earthquake newbies, we had a shot of adrenalin that lasted for hours.  Evidently our house was in a sort of “sweet spot”, so only a couple of picture frames fell over.  However, not far from us, friends and neighbors spent the day cleaning up from toppled shelves and other mayhem.

One rough moment occurred when we saw a TV news reporter in front of our wine warehouse showing the extensive damage as helicopters circled overhead.  We drove on down to Napa, saw the red tape across the driveway, and felt rather sick.  However, Terry didn’t let tape stop him.  He ducked under to discover all was well, so we are very fortunate.


Not so many others, and our hearts go out to all those who have suffered loss of home and property.  Seeing our familiar streets in such a state has been heartbreaking, and like many others, we are so grateful that personal injury was not as great as it could have been.  However, determination is the word of the day, and people are hard at work getting things back to normal. 





Summer’s in the Rear View Mirror.

Frisson has had the best summer yet and has earned lots of positive recognition, ratings and awards from the industry.   Most recently, we received a 94 rating and a Platinum from The Critics’ Challenge international Wine Competition for our 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, and in addition a Silver for our 2012 Dutton Ranch Russian River Chardonnay.  Wine critic,, said this about our 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon: “Quite beautifully stated, in a manner that’s refreshingly understated.”

By the way, both our releases are drinking great right now, and will continue to do so.

 Master Sommelier and wine writer Ronn Wiegand said this about our 2012 Dutton Ranch Chardonnay: “Full bodied, supple, and balanced, this is a crisp, subtle Chardonnay with creamy texture, evident complexity, and a lingering finish, tasting of honey, toast, roasted nut, pear, and crème brulee.  Can be aged a bit. ****.”

As to our 2010 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, he had this to say: “A vibrant, intensely flavored Cabernet of excellent quality.  It is full bodied, balanced, and combines rich fruitiness (cherry, black currant, plum) with spicy, toasty oak character. Long finish.  Warrants aging. ****”

Yea!!! And Oh yeah!

We’d love to know what you think about our wines.  Visit the “Our Wines” page on our website, and give us a rating.  We welcome your comments.

We especially enjoyed showing our wines to lots of new people over the summer; wine lovers at our Liberty Kitchen wine dinner and industry professionals at TexSom.  Thank you to all who enjoyed our wines, and we very much appreciate the encouragement and support we have received.  Our goal is to make wines that we like to drink, and we certainly are glad we aren’t drinking alone.

The Joy of Giving and an Evening of Hope.

In addition to our special tie to Cystic Fibrosis, Frisson is pleased to participate in fundraising efforts for several important causes.  Recently we hosted a tasting benefitting the Shriners Hospital, and have several other events on our schedule. Coming up soon is An Evening of Hope that benefits prostate cancer research.  Experienced wine lovers in Houston are well aware of this amazing evening of food and wine conceived and hosted Houston’s fine restaurant, Masraffs.  Frisson Wines is again honored to participate by pouring our latest vintages in the company of a stellar collection of fine wines.  The event is September 27th at The Wynden at 1025 S. Post Oak Lane in Houston.  For more information, visit

Even more places to get your Frisson!

We are so excited to be available in several new states, including Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.  Terry will be travelling to the Baltimore and Miami areas in a couple of weeks to meet with our distributors and new retail partners.

In Houston, you can now buy Frisson Wines retail at Double Decanted, a boutique tasting room in west Houston, owned by certified sommelier Kelly Prohl.  We are so pleased to have this exclusive shop carry our wines.  Double Decanted is located at 11311 Richmond Avenue, Suite L104, Houston, TX 77082.  Please call ahead at 281-826-1861.






Back in the Valley…

As much as we love making wine, we never forget that Napa Valley is much more.  It is incredible weather, clear starry skies, fresh scented air, a bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables.  So much passion goes into what is brought to the table here.  When that table is encircled with beloved family and friends, there is absolutely not much better. We are so grateful.

Meanwhile, our 2011 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is getting some bottle time and will be ready for release in February 2015.  Our samplings since bottling show that it is coming along nicely, and promises to be full of nuance and flavor, and something we can be quite proud of and that you will enjoy.

With tremendous anticipation, we are looking forward to bottling our fabulous 2012 Cabernets in November!  Our Diamond Mountain appellation Cabernet Sauvignon will be back, and our debut vintage of our Beckstoffer Cabernet Sauvignon.  More news on that later.





Ready or Not, Here Comes Harvest.

Despite the quake and the drought, our grapes have kept up their end of our bargain.  This will be an interesting year, the tannins trying to keep pace with the brix, as this vintage moves quickly toward harvest. We will be bringing in our Beckstoffer Cabernet Sauvignon the week of September 15th, and we expect our Dutton Ranch Chardonnay and Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon to follow not long after.  Once the juice is in the tanks, winemaker Wayne Donaldson will get to work to summon forth everything these sumptuous, elegant grapes are capable of in our quest for sophisticated, balanced wines that reflect their singular heritage.

Why don’t you share in our experiences during this process of picking, sorting and making wine magic?  Follow our real-time postings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter this season while we bring in 2014. #frissonwines, #frissonharvest.  We will have to get up very early to be at the vineyards at daybreak, so forgive the bed hair. The real stars, though, are the vineyards, the grapes, and the skilled vineyard workers who move so swiftly and efficiently along the rows.


If you have plans to be in Napa Valley this fall, please give us a call. Terry would love to share some ideas of fun new places to try.  We love our little town of Yountville and its world class collection of restaurants.  Our very favorite place, though, is our patio, nibbling on snacks from the Farmers Markets and drinking our fabulous Frisson Wines, especially when in the company of friends.

These are happy times for Frisson Wines, and for us personally. Plus, we have almost forgotten how scared we were during the quake!



Terry and Pam Davis




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